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How to attract non search engine traffic

Thanks for reading my article on Site Pro News, check back in a day or two for a link to the article.

As you'll understand from the article, things are changing rapidly with the Internet and more specifically, with Google. Regardless of your niche and how you approach your marketing, it's no longer safe to put all of your eggs in the Google basket (it never really has been safe).

I'd like to present you with a free report on a number of specific ways you can break the dependance on Google for your traffic and leads/sales.

web traffic diversification ideasIdeas for developing non search engine related traffic to your website are explored in detail in the free report.

This will be an important first step. If you look at your stats in Google analytics (the pie chart serves as a good illustration) and you see search engine traffic accounting for 50% or more of the visits to your website, then I'd class you as in a 'critical' condition. Imagine losing half of your business overnight. Or worse still, imagine being in the shoes of BMR and EZA and loosing 90-100% of your business overnight?

Let's get started with some no nonsense methods to develop alternate traffic quickly. Just register above for access to my free report. And remember, I don't just write about it I do it too. Not just for my own websites but for many clients around the globe. So if you need help, I'm here with a small team of marketing and design experts and ready to help you.

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